About us


Richard E. Paige, a famed professional packaging designer and engineer, foresaw the business community's need for quickly assembled, sturdy storage boxes that could be customized for various applications.

He knew that firms both large and small would always require dependable, yet inexpensive means of storing all forms of business documents. So, fifty years ago, Mr. Paige responded to this demand by inventing the one-step Miracle Box -- the first instantly assembled yet dependable storage box designed exclusively for office recordkeeping. Demand soon grew for this storage miracle, so Paige kept pace -- supplying businesses with new, effective storage boxes. And his legacy continues to this day.

Over the past five decades, The Paige Company has strived to produce new and easily set-up storage boxes to satisfy every business application. Today, we continue to innovate, as Richard Paige did, providing you with longer lasting, easier-to-assemble storage systems. Paige is your direct, one-on-one source for every style of office storage box. Because you purchase directly from us, you eliminate costly middleman charges and high retail markups.

You're also assured personal and immediate service, since we operate manufacturing centers all across the U.S. Our inventories are full, and we ship directly from the closest site to you. At Paige, we have over fifty years experience in serving the document storage needs of all businesses, large or small. Discover how easy it is to organize and store your records -- and get started on the road to workplace efficiency.