Are Paige Boxes made in the USA?

Paige does not outsource any of our production overseas, all of our products are made here in the United States.

Are Paige boxes environmentally friendly?

Can corrugated boxes be “environmentally friendly” without sacrificing strength? Yes! PAIGE Boxes contain approximately 30% post-consumer material, making them Green and STRONG.

Recycling weakens wood fibers, which make up paper, so PAIGE “engineers in” just the right amount of recycled-material needed to make the box eco-friendly while still maintaining the strength and integrity of the box.

 With a Paige Box you can be confident that “hand-holds” and lids won’t tear, and boxes won’t crush or sag. With our boxes you won’t have to purchase more because they won’t damage which also saves on paper consumption.

 Additionally, Paige purchases paper from suppliers, who “farm trees” as a renewable resource, to be used specifically to manufacture paper. These trees are replenished as they are harvested, and this ELIMINATES the need for logging natural forests. This promotes the conversion of greenhouse gases into oxygen, and helps fight global warming.

How Can I place an order?

Orders can be placed in several ways. Many customers enjoy consulting regularly with their Paige Account Executive, but orders can also be placed via fax, email or online via our website portal.

How long does it take to receive my boxes?

Most stock orders are delivered in 1 to 3 days from our warehouses in …..

  • OHIO
What size in cubic feet are Paige Boxes?

You can calculate cubic feet by dividing your box measurement (in inches) by 12x12x12 - one cubic foot.

For example:

Length (12) x Width (15) x Height (10) = (1800) divided by 1728 (12x12x12) = 1.04

Please check with your record center vendor to determine how you are billed.

What is the Difference between Bursting Test Strength and Edge Crush Test?

By viewing the 'Box Manufacturer's Certificate' (BMC) clearly printed on the bottom flaps, you will see the strength of the board, used to construct the box, as well as its size and weight limit.

 Also viewable in the seal is the Edge-Crush-Test or Burst-Test.

 Edge-Crush-Test (ECT) measures the stacking strength of corrugated cardboard boxes or fiberboard. Determining a finished box's compression-strength is defined by the amount of force that is needed to crush cardboard by standing it on its edge. This test is also measured in lbs.- per-square-inch. For example, a box with an ECT of 32 lbs.-per-square-inch indicates that the board, standing on edge, can withstand a force of 32 lbs.-per-square-inch before crushing. ECT = distribution & transportation of boxes and their stacking strength.

 Burst-Test (aka Mullen Test) is the force of pounds per square inch required to rupture - or burst - the side of a corrugated box. This method indicates the box's ability to withstand external or internal forces, and how the box will contain its contents during rough handling. For example, a box with a burst-strength of 200 lbs.-per-square-inch, indicates that the corrugated paper used to make the box can withstand 200 lbs. of pressure-per-square-inch.- The Burst Test = containment and handling ability of a box.

What is the stacking weight of our boxes.

Most companies provide stacking weight as a measure of stack-ability i.e.: 900 lb. stacking weight.

The Box-Stacking-Weight measure is somewhat misleading. To achieve 900 lb. stacking weight, the boxes would have to be stacked 23-high (or 19 feet). This is very impractical and dangerous. The weight within the tested boxes is perfectly distributed, and the Stacking-Weight figure does not take into account how long the boxes hold up under those conditions! (It could be for as little as one second!) Since most storage areas are designed to stack boxes between 3 and 10 high, a better way to think about box strength is: How long can the boxes hold up under these conditions? How strong are the handles, lids etc.? Also, take note of how much paper is used in the manufacturing process by recognizing either the Bursting-Test strength or the ECT strength. Our boxes are exceptionally strong, and can stack to any practical height. We will gladly send you a Free-No-Obligation Sample, so you can see-for-yourself whether our box will work for you.