Paige Company is your direct one-on-one source for every style of office storage box. Instead of browsing through endless pages of products, we have made the search for the right box easy for you. Our Box-Finder feature helps you narrow down the search by specific length, width, and height. You can also filter your search by: format, assembly, cover type, closure, and strength.  Paige ensures that you have personal and immediate service. By using the box finder, the experience of searching for the right product is a quick and easy process.

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Richard E. Paige envisioned the need for business to have reliable and inexpensive means for storing documents.  By creating the Miracle Box, Mr. Paige found a way to help businesses store their documents with a quickly assembled and durable storage box. The sturdiness comes from the box being designed with a double-wall on all four sides and the bottom. This will guarantee enough strength to stack the boxes. Each box has a secure three-inch tight fitting lid to keep the documents where they belong.

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