Are Paige boxes environmentally friendly?

Can corrugated boxes be “environmentally friendly” without sacrificing strength? Yes! PAIGE Boxes contain approximately 30% post-consumer material, making them Green and STRONG.

Recycling weakens wood fibers, which make up paper, so PAIGE “engineers in” just the right amount of recycled-material needed to make the box eco-friendly while still maintaining the strength and integrity of the box.

 With a Paige Box you can be confident that “hand-holds” and lids won’t tear, and boxes won’t crush or sag. With our boxes you won’t have to purchase more because they won’t damage which also saves on paper consumption.

 Additionally, Paige purchases paper from suppliers, who “farm trees” as a renewable resource, to be used specifically to manufacture paper. These trees are replenished as they are harvested, and this ELIMINATES the need for logging natural forests. This promotes the conversion of greenhouse gases into oxygen, and helps fight global warming.