What is the stacking weight of our boxes.

Most companies provide stacking weight as a measure of stack-ability i.e.: 900 lb. stacking weight.

The Box-Stacking-Weight measure is somewhat misleading. To achieve 900 lb. stacking weight, the boxes would have to be stacked 23-high (or 19 feet). This is very impractical and dangerous. The weight within the tested boxes is perfectly distributed, and the Stacking-Weight figure does not take into account how long the boxes hold up under those conditions! (It could be for as little as one second!) Since most storage areas are designed to stack boxes between 3 and 10 high, a better way to think about box strength is: How long can the boxes hold up under these conditions? How strong are the handles, lids etc.? Also, take note of how much paper is used in the manufacturing process by recognizing either the Bursting-Test strength or the ECT strength. Our boxes are exceptionally strong, and can stack to any practical height. We will gladly send you a Free-No-Obligation Sample, so you can see-for-yourself whether our box will work for you.